Co-Active Consulting

Are you an artist, writer, and entrepreneur?

Finding the time (at least an hour a day), a focused space to work, a supportive community with accountability opportunities, and a distraction-free place to work are crucial steps to take in order to finish big projects.

We have witnessed people shift from feeling stuck with nothing to say to feeling highly productive, inspired, and motivated. From this transformation, they begin to identify as a stronger, wiser, more disciplined, and more productive person. They move away from self-limiting beliefs and negative self-talk to become an empowered author of their own reality.  From a new system of beliefs and habits, they spring into action; and more often than not, their vision expands to become more dynamic. A true transformation can occur when a person creates time, space, and a place to set intentions and work toward goals each day.

Our consultants create a virtual space where you can begin to design your own daily rituals and routines.

We encourage the practice of mindfulness with clients as a way to restore and reconnect to the body and mind in order to settle into the task of creating.

We also include ancient healing techniques such as pranayama, qi gong, chakra balancing, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, and yoga to relieve tension and release stuck energy.

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